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Like our style and want a custom cottagecore art piece made?

When one of our artists has commissions open, we will post any available details here! For exact pricing for your request, please use our commission inquiry form below.

See below for openings!

Fine Print: Any custom work may vary in price depending on level of complexity. We strive for an open level of communication on this front (don't worry, no surprises!), and prices will be discussed with you prior to work beginning. Prices for a piece are determined by the appropriate artist, and will reflect time invested + complexity + material cost. Add-on/change requests after production begins (and price is confirmed) may necessitate additional cost, but price changes will always be discussed with you first. Artists are entitled to request a down-payment prior to beginning production. 

Current Openings

Colette: Waitlist Only

Katherine: Open

Melody: Closed

Commission Inquiry

Please remember that commission details must be agreed upon by all parties before work on your custom piece can begin.

Thanks for submitting!

A watercolor painting of a a black hand holding various plants and flowers, as well as the tail of a nightingale. The painting is laying on a table surrounded by paintbrushes, paint palettes, and a cup of tea.
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