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An Oddity and Her Collections

As a child, I acted like a bit of a little goblin. My pockets were always filled with pretty rocks and bits of nature I found in the woods. I filled any container I could find with caterpillars, fireflies, and crickets. I've always had a penchant for little oddities. Even now, my house is filled with jars, bottles, terrariums, and other displays of weird specimens--dried moths, a live snake, an array of reproduction Egyptian scarabs, porcelain flowers, fossilized trilobites, dehydrated mushrooms, crystals... Goodness, that doesn't even account for the ones that don't fit in containers, like the carnivorous plants, Victorian medical pamphlets about conjoined twins, or the poison darts of Papua New Guinea.

What I hadn't yet found was a bit rarer-- specimens from the folklore of the world. A bit rarer, no, to track down objects from stories people believe were simply fiction? I've indulged in the study before, but this year I've finally bottled, labelled, and archived ​a small collection of specimens to share with the world.

This curio includes a small zine booklet ​to highlight the origin behind each specimen, and will hopefully encourage you to further research the history and literature behind your new collection.

These fairy tale curios are limited, so if you're interested in owning your own little collection of fairy tale oddities, swing by the shop. We also have a number of lovely mushroom terrariums, moths to alight in your hair, and other specimens of the strange and beautiful. Visit: EtsyShop Stay strange, Colette

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