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Meet the Artist

Colette Walters

To create something that wasn’t there before seems a sort of magic.

I’ve loved to capture the things I’ve seen, and moreso, the things I’ve imagined, for as long as I can remember. I spent my childhood eating flowers, exploring forests, splashing through brooks, delving into dusty books of fairy tales, and these passions have never left me. There’s something sacred in the inspiration that nature and an old book can give.

This curiosity means that I’ve spent many years indulging in a variety of mediums.
Illustration and writing continue to be my dearest, oldest passions. These, like many of my other pursuits, are heavily influenced by my studies in the fairy tales and folklore of the world. My time at university was spent achieving a B. S. in Anthropology, which taught (and continues to teach) me an appreciation of the fantastic, with a deeper understanding of the beautiful cultures and people that I have become acquainted with in my travels.

Over the years, I’ve taken up knitting, which allows me a tangible, peaceful play at textures and colors. My watercolors explore my love of nature, and reflect the unique specimens found therein. The way that water and pigment merge to create such an organic, vivid image of nature’s miracles fills me with joy every time.

These days, when I’m not creating, I indulge myself in new adventures. Forest hikes and mushroom foraging are my most frequent explorations—there’s a certain pride in spending a weekend in the woods, successfully foraging for your own meals. At home, I read far too many books, play too many video games, and dream of other worlds. And, of course, I travel as often as I can.

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Watercolor & Digital Illustration

Meet the Artists


Colette Walters


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