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Welcome to Fogbarrow!

We are so enchanted to have you here, and I hope you find things to your liking. Pour yourself a cup of tea and enjoy the adventure!

Fogbarrow grew like wildflowers from my three greatest loves: art, nature, and fairytales. From the first, I knew that Fogbarrow would not be limited to a single medium or person--I wanted it to embody a place, a style. Inspired by natural elements and the Japanese "Mori Kei" subculture, Fogbarrow was born.

Fogbarrow's first year was spent as a side project for my art, with the occasional market, but mostly existed on Etsy.  Near the end of the year, I left my position as a librarian to focus on my art full-time.  Around this time, the esteemed artists and my long-time friends Melody Allen and Katherine Smith joined the team, adding their magical creations to Fogbarrow.

Now we are an artists' collective of three, appearing together at markets and on the web with a greater selection of cottagecore art & accessories.

​We hope you enjoy, and check out the individual artists' bios below for more information!


Meet the Artists


Colette Lewis


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Melody Allen



Katherine Smith


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