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Meet the Artist

Melody Allen

I have loved the arts all my life, and consider myself very lucky to get to explore the multitude of facets that is today's world of craft. I am especially fond of art that can interact with various aspects of my life, whether it be an item that can be worn to tell a story or a stationary piece that builds an immersive setting. My work tends to cycle through several fantastical inspirations. From literary works to alternate histories to unknown fae realms, I strive to make work that opens a door to another world.   I prefer exploring the connection between living nature and the various types of 'order' that humanity instills upon it.
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I work mostly in wearable leather and am slowly reigniting my courtship of ceramics after many years apart. My ceramic work is often sculptural, showcasing figures of untold myth and legend.

Growing up in a fairly secluded forest was the beginning of my adoration of wilder aesthetics. The forest and fiction novels were my greatest teachers during childhood, and I continue to meet with them often in order to relearn important lessons. I was lucky to be raised near the beautiful Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville TN, and it was during my college years there that I found my appreciation for 3D art. I have the worst case of 'painters block' when attempting 2D art, though that was all I practiced through my teens. Being able to create a form or surface to decorate was the cataclyst for my progress as an artist.

​I adore being part of this collective, both for the support of my co-artists and the drive it creates to approach my work in a more sustainable and loving fashion.



Meet the Artists


Colette Lewis


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Melody Allen



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