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Meet the Artist

Melody Allen

I have loved the arts all my life, and consider myself very lucky to get to explore the multitude of facets that is today's world of craft. I am especially fond of art that can interact with various aspects of my life, whether it be an item that can be worn to tell a story or a stationary piece that builds an immersive setting. My work tends to cycle through several fantastical inspirations. From literary works to alternate histories to unknown fae realms, I strive to make work that opens a door to another world.  
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Growing up in a fairly secluded forest was the beginning of my adoration of wilder aesthetics. The forest and fiction novels were my greatest teachers during childhood, and I continue to meet with them often in order to relearn important lessons. I was fortunate enough to be raised within an hour of the Appalachian Center for Craft, and it was during my college years there that I found my appreciation for 3D art. I have terrible painter's block when attempting 2D art, though that was all I practiced growing up. Being able to create a form or otherwise bounded surface to decorate was the catalyst for my progress as an artist.

​I adore being part of this collective, both for the support of my co-artists and the drive it creates to approach my work in a more sustainable and loving fashion.



Meet the Artists


Colette Walters


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Melody Allen



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